Having been in business nearly 35 years, we pride ourselves in building a solid, quality home that withstands the test of time. We continually search for ways to use better materials, and will only use products we would put into our own homes. Take a look at the 20th Century Advantage.

The 20th Century Construction—Craftsmanship

A successful home builder knows the importance of choosing the right craftsmen to work with. We have strong relationships with our subcontractors, many who we’ve worked with for several decades. Once you look at our client testimonials, you will find a common theme: quality product and excellent craftsmanship at affordable prices.

The 20th Century Construction—Warranty

As a client of 20th Century, you will receive a one year HBA home warranty that takes effect when you take possession of your home.. But that’s not all – our total customer care program goes beyond the warranty. Prior to occupancy, we will walk through your completed home with you to ensure that everything is acceptable and that it meets our high standards. We strive for a high quality level throughout the construction process, however, homes naturally breath, move and settle, especially in the first year, so we will address any concerns twice in the one year period: 30 days after move in and again at 11 months after move in. If we return for a maintenance problem within the warranty period that was created because 20th Century or our business partners didn’t meet our quality standards, we will replace or repair the problem at no cost to you. Appliances and other manufactured components will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

The 20th Century Construction—Foundation

For new home buyers, Superior Walls is the smart foundation solution and is the only foundation manufacturer whose products are approved to contribute points toward certification of a building under the National Green Building StandardTM.With each century, technology improves and Superior Walls are this century’s technology. 20th Century has been using them for nearly six years. Superior Walls are more energy efficient, stronger, provide more waterproofing, and have a longer guarantee than other foundations that are currently being used. 



The 20th Century Construction—Insulation

20th Century uses JM FORMALDEHYDE-FREE™ FIBER GLASS INSULATION. JM Spider custom insulation is a spray-in fiberglass isulation. It fills framing cavities completely, leaving no gaps or voids, which results in superior thermal performance and sound control. The system uses fiber glass with 25 percent recycled content and is protected against mold growth with an EPA-registered mold and mildew inhibitor. And because it’s formaldehyde free, it improves indoor air quality, making it a better and safer choice for you and your family.

Effective R Values

2 x4 Exterior Walls – R 15
2x6 Exterior Walls – R 23
House Attic – R 40
Sloped Ceilings R 38

The 20th Century Construction—Savings and Comfort

20th Century is committed to building comfortable, energy-efficient homes. Our Superior Walls foundation and formaldehyde-free insulation are just some of the ways we increase the energy efficiency and provide cost savings for our clients.

20th Century also uses Energy Star-rated windows and has a third party-verified ACH (air changes per hour) average of 2.6. As of 2012, is a maximum ACH code is 5.

Lower ACH = improved air quality = safety, comfort and durability of your home